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Looking to begin your luxury home renovation?

Whether you’re planning a large-scale luxury house renovation, thinking about an addition, or considering an entire house overhaul, we are here to walk you through each stage of the home renovation process so that you have the knowledge and confidence you need to get started. As there is a lot to cover, we’ve broken up this topic across two blog posts.

When we begin planning a renovation with our homeowners, we always start by asking what the lifestyle problem is that they are trying to solve. This question helps us to focus on the primary issue, ensuring that we have a deep understanding of our clients’ needs from the very beginning so that we can deliver the perfect home. Then, because we don’t believe our clients should have to sacrifice their time, budget, relationships, or sanity to create their dream home, we use the “Collaborative Method” on our projects, which ensures that we are able to provide a 5-Star Experience every time and help them to achieve their dreams while loving the process.

The Collaborative Method

The Collaborative Method means that we assemble a dynamic and highly-skilled team of architects, interior designers, sub-contractors and suppliers, guaranteeing the highest building standards. It also means that we follow a process called the “5 Simple Steps.”

5 Simple Steps For a 5-Star Experience

By following these steps with our highly skilled team, we are able to ensure that your home conforms to your style, taste, and needs, and that we execute the project on time and on budget with flawless craftsmanship and design. The 5 Simple Steps to a 5-Star Experience are:

  • Step 1: Describe It – Share Your Vision
  • Step 2: Design It – Concept Plans
  • Step 3: Approve It – Final Plans & Selections
  • Step 4: Build It – The Main Event
  • Step 5: Love It – Happily Ever After

In our following blog post, we’ll elaborate more on the 5 Simple Steps and on how to ensure that you make the decisions you need to about your builder and planning to get the home that you want and to love the process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Your Luxury Home Renovation: Part 1

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