Types of Home Additions in Merrimac, Massachusetts

You may have purchased a home in the Merrimac area a long time ago. It is likely that now your needs have changed as your family may have expanded, and the space may seem small or inconvenient. However, rather than packing up all your belongings and quickly moving to a different neighborhood, it is better to consider home additions. Home additions are likely to breathe new life and new space into your abode by keeping the features you prefer and getting rid of the ones you do not like. Some of the popular types of home additions in Merrimac, Massachusetts are discussed below:

Your Options for Home Additions in Merrimac, Massachusetts

Garage Conversion

This is an enticing addition as the structure and foundation is already present; you may have plenty of space that you can work with too. You can easily convert the space to almost anything that suits your fancy; if the space is sufficiently tall with vaulted ceilings, you may even install flooring/ceiling to accommodate an additional loft room above your garage space.

You should know that houses without garages often perform poorly on the market. In addition, most home owners prefer constructing a separate carport to make up for the garage conversion.

Sun Room

Sunrooms are often thought of as the red-headed stepchild in the world of house addition. They are considered drafty structures of thin glass and aluminum that are too hot or too cold and get little use as a result.

However, the good news is that sunrooms have considerably evolved. Firstly, you can now buy thermal-resistant glass. Secondly, although the rickety frames are still made of aluminum yore, they are much more precision cut and structurally sound for tighter assembly. A sunroom is often large and looks often looks great irrespective of its location.

Dormer Addition

Another way to add space is to have a rear or front dormer addition. These additions are intended to provide more flexibility and space to the second or third floors of your home. If you add a front dormer, it will offer your house more curb appeal, and will also let more natural light in your home, while increasing the air circulation on the upper floors.

Your existing roof would be cut in different sections where the dormers will be built. The dormers will be framed according to your specifications.

Bump Out

This is not precisely a new room, instead a bump out is an extension of a current one. With this addition you can convert your half bath into a complete one, incorporate home theater space into your living room, or develop a dining spot to provide the kitchen a little more cooking space. A bump out usually lays down a new roofline; this employs either a flat roof or shed style. It is a good cost saving measure and more beneficial compared to constructing a full-scale addition.

Consider these Home Additions in Merrimac, Massachusetts to add value to your home.