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Top 4 Design Build Construction Companies in 2024


Design-build construction companies offer a streamlined one-contract solution for your building needs. This approach amalgamates design and construction services under one roof, providing a unified workflow that can lead to a more cohesive and efficient building experience. Whether you’re planning to construct your dream home or undertake a significant remodeling project, choosing a design-build firm can simplify the process significantly.

Design-build methodology ties together the expertise of designers and builders, facilitating a collaborative environment that typically leads to faster completion times, cost savings, and less stress for you, the homeowner. With the one-contract advantage, you eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple contracts and vendors, which not only streamlines communication but also increases accountability among all parties involved.

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In the following sections, we will dive deeper into understanding the nuances of design-build construction, identifying top firms in the US, and outlining the specific benefits of opting for this innovative construction model. Whether you are new to building or have experienced challenges with traditional construction methods, the insights provided will help you make an informed decision tailored to your needs and preferences.

Understanding Design-Build Construction

When it comes to construction, the design-build approach is changing how projects are delivered. Here, we break down the key components of this method: Single Contract, Team Collaboration, and Owner Expectations.

Single Contract

The cornerstone of design-build construction is the single contract. Unlike traditional methods where you might hire an architect and a separate contractor, design-build firms handle both design and construction. This means you sign just one contract for all services. This simplicity not only cuts down on paperwork but also minimizes the risk of miscommunication between separate parties.

Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is at the heart of the design-build model. From architects to builders, all professionals work under the same roof, fostering a cooperative environment that enhances problem-solving capabilities. This integrated team approach ensures that the project moves smoothly from concept to completion without the usual hand-offs or disconnects that can occur in traditional settings.

Owner Expectations

Managing owner expectations is crucial in design-build projects. Since the client deals with a single entity, communication is streamlined, making it easier to keep expectations aligned with the project’s progress. Owners can expect:

  • Direct Communication: Quicker and more effective responses.
  • Transparency: Clear insights into the project costs and timelines.
  • Customization: Greater flexibility in adjusting project details according to evolving preferences.

By understanding these foundational elements of design-build construction, you can appreciate why more owners are choosing this method for their building needs. The next sections will explore leading design-build construction companies in the US, and why this approach might be the best fit for your next project.

Top Design-Build Construction Companies in the US

When you’re ready to start your next construction project, choosing the right partner is crucial. Here are some of the top design-build construction companies in the US that have demonstrated excellence in integrating design and construction services to deliver outstanding projects.

1. ARCO Construction

ARCO Construction Project - design build construction companies

Revenue (2021): $3,743,376,826

ARCO Construction is renowned for its vast experience and capability in handling large-scale projects. They have consistently topped charts for their innovative approach to design-build projects. Their success is driven by a commitment to client-focused solutions and maintaining a streamlined communication flow throughout the construction process.

2. Hensel Phelps

Hensel Phelps Building - design build construction companies

Revenue (2021): $2,615,319,930

Hensel Phelps is known for its rigorous project management methodologies that ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Their work spans various sectors, including healthcare, education, and government facilities, making them a versatile choice for any design-build project.

3. Ryan Companies US / Ryan A+E

Ryan Companies Project - design build construction companies

Revenue (2021): $1,908,242,528

Ryan Companies combines architecture and engineering excellence with construction expertise to offer a seamless design-build experience. They focus on creating spaces that enhance productivity and well-being, ensuring that every project meets the unique needs of their clients.

4. Swinerton

Swinerton Construction Site - design build construction companies

Revenue (2021): $1,759,857,473

Swinerton offers a blend of history and innovation, bringing over a century of construction experience to the modern design-build landscape. They are committed to sustainable building practices and excel in creating environments that are functional, beautiful, and sustainable.

These companies not only lead in revenue but also in innovation, client satisfaction, and operational excellence. Choosing any of these firms ensures a partnership that values quality and efficiency, aiming to exceed client expectations with every project.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, these leaders in the design-build sector are setting the standards high for projects that require cohesive collaboration between designers and builders. Their ability to manage and execute complex projects efficiently makes them ideal candidates for any construction initiative.

In the following sections, we’ll explore why the design-build approach is gaining popularity over traditional construction methods and how working with these top firms can benefit your project.

Why Choose Design-Build Over Traditional Methods?

When it comes to construction and major renovations, the method you choose can greatly impact both the process and the outcome. Here’s why the design-build approach is increasingly favored over traditional construction methods:

Cost Efficiency

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for design-build is cost efficiency. In traditional construction methods, often known as “Design-Bid-Build,” the project is segmented among multiple entities. This fragmentation can lead to unforeseen costs due to miscommunications or misalignments between the design and construction phases. In contrast, design-build brings both design and construction under one contract, which means more accurate cost predictions and generally lower overall project costs.

Lower Architectural Costs

With traditional methods, you might find yourself paying a premium for architectural designs only to discover later that they exceed budget constraints when it comes time to build. Design-build firms integrate architectural services with construction expertise, ensuring that the design is always aligned with budgetary realities. This integration often results in lower architectural costs as the design is optimized for efficient construction from the start.

Streamlined Process

The streamlined process of design-build is another significant advantage. Instead of coordinating between separate entities for design, bidding, and construction, everything is handled by a single team. This not only speeds up the project timeline but also reduces the administrative burden on you, the client. Communication is clearer, decisions are made faster, and the project moves forward without the delays commonly associated with traditional methods. For example, a design-build firm can simultaneously tweak the design and adjust the construction plan, preventing the costly and time-consuming redesigns that often plague traditional projects.

In conclusion, choosing a design-build approach offers a more cohesive, cost-effective, and efficient way to handle construction projects. By integrating design and construction expertise into a single streamlined workflow, design-build firms like Norman Builders are able to deliver projects that meet client needs more reliably and with fewer surprises along the way. In the next section, we’ll delve into the specific benefits of working with design-build firms to further understand how they can bring added value to your construction projects.

Benefits of Working with Design-Build Firms

When considering design build construction companies for your next project, understanding the benefits of this approach can help you make an informed decision. Here’s how working with firms like Norman Builders can add value from start to finish:

Expertise from Start

From the initial concept to the final touches, design-build firms bring a comprehensive skill set to the table. This means you have access to experienced professionals who understand both design nuances and construction realities. This dual expertise ensures that the project vision is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Smoother Process

A key advantage of the design-build model is the seamless process. With all services under one roof, communication is straightforward, reducing the likelihood of errors and misinterpretations. This integration leads to a smoother workflow from the project’s conception to completion.

Design Selection Guidance

Choosing the right design can be overwhelming. Design-build firms provide guidance based on your needs, budget, and the latest market trends. This support helps you make choices that align with both your vision and practical requirements, ensuring a final product that you love and that functions well.

Cost Effective

One of the most compelling reasons to choose a design-build approach is cost efficiency. By handling both design and construction, these firms can more accurately predict costs and reduce expenses related to delays or design mismatches. Additionally, the unified team can make cost-saving recommendations and avoid the typical back-and-forth between separate designers and contractors.

Avoid Surprises

With traditional construction methods, surprises are often unavoidable due to the number of different hands involved. Design-build firms, however, maintain control over the entire process, greatly reducing the risk of unexpected issues. This not only keeps your project on schedule but also within budget, as any potential problems are identified and addressed early by the same team that designed the project.

Working with a design-build firm means enjoying a streamlined, cost-effective process with expert guidance from start to finish. This approach not only saves time and money but also minimizes stress, allowing you to focus more on the exciting aspects of seeing your project come to life. Next, we will explore how to select the right design-build company to ensure your project’s success.

How to Select the Right Design-Build Company for Your Project

Selecting the right design-build construction company is crucial for the success of your project. Here are key factors to consider:


Choose a company with a solid track record in design-build projects. Look for firms that have extensive experience handling projects similar to yours. This ensures they can navigate any challenges and have a proven process in place. For instance, companies like Norman Builders have been in the business for over a decade, bringing a wealth of experience and reliability.


Review the company’s portfolio to assess their capabilities and the quality of their work. A diverse and robust portfolio often indicates that the company can adapt to various styles and requirements. Make sure their past projects reflect the quality and aesthetic you expect for your own project.

Client Testimonials

Client feedback can provide insights into the company’s reliability, communication, and quality of work. Positive testimonials are a good indicator of satisfaction from previous clients. Look for reviews that highlight the company’s ability to stay on budget and schedule, as well as their professionalism and attention to detail.

Budget Management

Effective budget management is essential. The right company should be transparent about costs and skilled in maximizing your budget without compromising quality. They should provide clear, detailed estimates and keep you informed about all financial aspects throughout the project.

Customization Ability

Your design-build firm should be flexible and skilled in customizing projects to meet your specific needs. Check if they are willing to adapt their approach to fit your vision and requirements. Companies that prioritize customization, like Norman Builders, often deliver more personalized and satisfactory outcomes.

By considering these factors, you can choose a design-build company that will not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring a successful and fulfilling project completion. Next, we will discuss common concerns associated with design-build projects and how to address them effectively.

Addressing Common Concerns with Design-Build Projects

When considering design-build construction companies for your project, you might have concerns about risk management, quality craftsmanship, budget control, and efficient timelines. Let’s address these concerns to help you feel more confident in choosing a design-build approach.

Risk Management

In design-build projects, the risk is significantly reduced because one company handles everything from design through construction. This single-point responsibility means fewer communication errors and quicker resolution of issues. For instance, studies show that design-build projects are generally more predictable with fewer surprises, as the team’s aligned goals lead to proactive problem solving.

Quality Craftmanship

One major advantage of design-build firms is their commitment to quality. Since the design and construction teams are part of the same company, there’s a unified commitment to delivering high-quality results. Norman Builders, for example, ensures that every detail conforms to the client’s expectations and industry standards, leveraging the expertise of seasoned professionals who oversee the project from start to finish.

Budget Control

Design-build firms excel in managing budgets effectively. By integrating design and construction, these firms can assess costs more accurately from the early stages of a project. This integration allows for more strategic allocation of funds, often resulting in costs being 6% lower than traditional methods. Clients benefit from transparent pricing and detailed budget discussions, which help prevent the kind of cost overruns common in projects where multiple separate entities are involved.

Efficient Timelines

The streamlined process inherent in design-build projects often leads to faster completion times. Coordination between design and construction phases occurs simultaneously, reducing delays that typically happen when waiting for one phase to complete before moving on to the next. For instance, Norman Builders can move quickly from design adjustments to construction, significantly cutting down project duration compared to traditional project delivery methods.

By addressing these common concerns, design-build firms demonstrate their capability to manage complex projects with efficiency and finesse. Understanding these benefits can guide you in selecting the right design-build company for your project, ensuring a smooth and successful construction experience.


As we wrap up our discussion on design build construction companies, it’s clear that the choice of the right partner is pivotal for the success of your project. Norman Builders exemplifies the ideal choice for those seeking exceptional craftsmanship and personalized service in their construction endeavors.

Why Choose Norman Builders?
At Norman Builders, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver not just buildings, but homes that truly reflect the visions and aspirations of our clients. Our approach combines the efficiency of the design-build methodology with a deep commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

  1. Exceptional Craftsmanship: Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals who are not just adept at their trades but are also passionate about quality. Every detail of construction is meticulously managed to ensure that the final product is not only beautiful but durable.
  2. Personalized Service: We understand that building a home is a deeply personal and significant endeavor. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to providing a service that is as personalized as the homes we build. From the initial design consultation to the final handover of keys, our team ensures a seamless and transparent process, keeping you informed and involved at every step.
  3. Streamlined Process: Through the design-build model, we handle every aspect of your project under one roof. This not only simplifies communications and reduces overhead costs but also allows for a more cohesive and harmonized project outcome.
  4. Adaptability: In the dynamic landscape of construction, adaptability is key. Our team is proficient in responding to challenges and making necessary adjustments without disrupting the overall timeline of the project.

Our commitment to excellence is not just about meeting expectations but exceeding them. By choosing Norman Builders, you’re not just constructing a building; you’re crafting a space that embodies your dreams and will stand the test of time.

Discover more about our dedication to crafting dream homes and how we can bring your vision to life by visiting our Custom Home Builders page.

At Norman Builders, your project is more than just a job to us—it’s a commitment to delivering excellence and ensuring that every client steps into a home they love and cherish. Join us in creating something exceptional—your dream home awaits.


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