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Building You a Custom Home You Can Afford

When it comes to constructing new custom homes in Atkinson, New Hampshire, it requires a huge investment. It is a big step that you have to take after much deliberation with your family, friends and the home builder. After all, chances are you will most likely be spending the rest of your life here in the town of Atkinson with its quiet peaceful neighborhood and historic and scenic byways.

You don’t want to spend every last penny on just the building part of your custom home in Atkinson, NH. There are many ways you can save money when you are working with professionals. For one, they can better guide you on what to choose as to not exceed your budget. There are 5 major points of interest which can break or make the bank, so let’s get started!

Tips for Building Affordable Custom Homes in Atkinson, NH

1. Choosing Exterior Siding that Costs Less

When it comes to choosing an exterior siding for your custom homes in Atkinson, New Hampshire, even though the aesthetics are important, it is also wise to choose ones that don’t cost too much. Keeping in mind the durability and the strength of the material, you can either go for vinyl, bricks, stone, fiber-cement, wood and stucco. Keeping savings in mind, the best way to go is vinyl siding as they are affordable and durable.

2. Doors and Windows to Fit the Budget

Next we come to the other most important part of your custom home, the doors and windows. This is where a lot of people end up spending the most money as they wish to impress everyone with an amazing looking mahogany door. If you wish to save money, ditch the classy wooden door and opt for a fiberglass one.

As for windows, vinyl is your best bet to save money as it costs less and requires little to no maintenance. However, wood and fiberglass are a bit on the expensive side, but even among these materials, fiberglass is gaining popularity and can be purchased cheaper than wood.

3. Cabinet Construction Options

When building custom homes in Atkinson New Hampshire, homeowners mostly wish for custom built cabinets. However, these are really costly as they have to be made from scratch. Save money by purchasing pre-built cabinets as they are ready to take home on the very day you make the purchase.

4. Save on Floorings

This is a part of the home where you can really save or spend a lot of your cash. Even though it all depends on what you want, it is better to not spend too much. This is because the floors start showing wear and tear over time. Keep in mind that the materials used for floorings have varying costs.

Going for Laminate or Vinyl floorings can save you a lot of your hard earned money where as marbles, tiles and wood cost a lot more. You can even go for synthetic carpet as it is also quite affordable and looks and feels just as good as regular carpet.

5. Don’t Go Beyond the Roof Limit

There are so many options when choosing materials for the roof. Of course you would like to be sure that the roof over your head is durable and strong. Moreover, it should be able to withstand the elements in the long run. The cheapest option is Asphalt roof shingles as they are affordable. Plus, they are durable and will give your home the protection it needs.

Other options include clay tiles, cedar roofing, wooden and composite roofing, all of which are good choices. However, they might not be ideal for building affordable custom homes in Atkinson, New Hampshire.

Our Conclusion

As you now know, there are many options to choose from when building custom homes. Choosing the right materials at the right price can save you a lot of money, something you can save for your future needs.

5 Tips on Building Affordable Custom Homes in Atkinson, NH

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